Ring of Fire

a large, fresh jalapeño
1 oz Paula’s Texas Orange
1 oz Tito’s vodka
1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
an ice-cold Lone Star longneck

Compliments of Ranch 616, Austin. This drink was recently voted the Official Drink of Austin. We had a lot of fun serving it at our Labor Day party, but if it’s not your style for at home, visit Ranch 616 after Sept.13, when they reopen with a brand new patio. Prepare the jalapeño by chopping off the stem end and scooping out the insides (careful with this part; rinse your hands immediately to avoid burning). Mix a tad of ground cayenne with kosher salt to rim the jalapeño. Combine Paula’s Texas Orange, Tito’s, and lime juice and either chill well or shake over ice. Serve in the jalapeño with the Lone Star as a chaser.

The Brushfire (-beer), Cosmopolitan (variation 1) (+cranberry juice; -jalapeño, beer), Orange vodka martini (-jalapeño, beer), Cosmopolitan (variation 2) (+pomegranate juice; -jalapeño, beer), Strawberry Sipper (+strawberry; -jalapeño, beer), Strawberry Valentine (+strawberry; -jalapeño, beer)