My Funny Valentine #2

1½ oz gin
1½ oz Byrrh
¼ oz Paula’s Texas Orange
a dash orange bitters (optional)

Stir with ice and serve up. A garnish of a Luxardo cherry wouldn't go amiss.

This is basically a Martinez with Byrrh instead of vermouth. It has a nice smooth flavor and cheery cherry color.

We had already decided what to name it when I did a search and discovered someone else had given this name to a cocktail, so I'm just calling it #2.

Astoria Bianco (+dry vermouth; -Amaro, citrus liqueur), French 75 (+champagne; -Amaro, bitters), The GTL (+club soda; -Amaro, bitters), Lemon Martini (+vodka; -Amaro, bitters), Longhorn Gineous (+dry vermouth; -Amaro, bitters), Martinez (variation 1) (+sweet vermouth; -Amaro), White Lady (+lemon juice; -Amaro, bitters)
10 Feb 2020